PhD studentships – Information Visualisation in Biological Research


Two studentships are available within a collaborative research project between the Warwick Systems Biology Centre (University of Warwick) and the Faculty of Information Technology (Monash University). These studentships offer a unique opportunity to be part of a new and exciting interdisciplinary research project between the UK and Australia, combining complementary expertise in systems biology and visualization at the two institutions. We welcome applications from students with first-degree training in bioscience or physical sciences such as mathematics and computer science. The essential requirement is that you have the drive to combine these disciplines to answer biological questions using novel visualizations.

Modern biology research can generate huge amounts of data and the challenge is to extract biological information from that. Successful information visualisation presents complex data in an intuitive way such that multiple aspects of the data can be easily assimilated, and biological predictions can be made from non-obvious patterns in the data. Both the projects below combine development of novel information visualization tools and new biological knowledge generated through the application of these tools. The projects are quite open-ended allowing you to tailor the project to your particular interests by focusing more on software development, tool application etc.

One studentship will be based at Monash and one at Warwick University. The Warwick studentship is only available for UK/EU students.

The projects are:

To apply (deadline: May 15th) or for further information please contact Dr Katherine Denby (project 1,, Prof. Jim Beynon (project 2, or Prof. Kim Marriott (either project,

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