Eight papers at VIS 2020!

Immersive Analytics Lab researchers contributed to 8 papers that will be presented at VIS this year, including an Honourable Mention for Best Paper Award for the paper “Data Visceralization: Enabling Deeper Understanding of Data Using Virtual Reality”.

  • MobileVisFixer: Tailoring Web Visualizations for Mobile Phones Leveraging an Explainable Reinforcement Learning Framework.
    IEEE InfoVis Conference (VIS) 2020.
    Aoyu Wu, Wai Tong, Tim Dwyer, Bongshin Lee, Petra Isenberg, Huamin Qu.  
  • Scalability of Network Visualisation from a Cognitive Load Perspective.
    IEEE InfoVis Conference (VIS) 2020.
     Vahan Yoghourdjian, Yalong Yang, Tim Dwyer, Lee Lawrence, Michael Wybrow, Kim Marriott.
  • Data Visceralization: Enabling Deeper Understanding of Data Using Virtual Reality.
    IEEE InfoVis Conference (VIS) 2020.
    Benjamin Lee, David Brown, Bongshin lee, Christophe Hurter, Steven Drucker, Tim Dwyer.
  • Shared Surfaces and Spaces: Collaborative Data Visualisation in a Co-located Immersive Environment.
    IEEE InfoVis Conference (VIS) 2020.
    Benjamin Lee, Xiaoyun Hu, Maxime Cordeil, Arnaud Prouzeau, Bernhard Jenny, Tim Dwyer.
  • Embodied Navigation in Immersive Abstract Data Visualization: Is Overview+Detail or Zooming Better for 3D Scatterplots?
    IEEE InfoVis Conference (VIS) 2020.
    Yalong Yang, Maxime Cordeil, Johanna Beyer, Tim Dwyer, Kim Marriott, Hanspeter Pfister.
  • Supporting the Problem-Solving Loop: Designing Highly Interactive Optimisation Systems.
    IEEE InfoVis Conference (VIS) 2020.
    Jie Liu, Tim Dwyer, Guido Tack, Samuel Gratzl, Kim Marriott.
  • UpLift: A Tangible and Immersive Tabletop System for Casual Collaborative Visual Analytics.
    IEEE InfoVis Conference (VIS) 2020.
    Barrett Ens, Sarah Goodwin, Arnaud Prouzeau, Fraser Anderson, Florence Y. Wang, Samuel Gratzl, Zac Lucarelli, Brendan Moyle, Jim Smiley, Professor Tim Dwyer.
  • Cartographic relief shading with neural networks.
    IEEE InfoVis Conference (VIS) 2020.
    Jenny, B., Heitzler, M., Singh, D., Farmakis-Serebryakova, M., Liu, J. C., and Hurni, L.

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