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WebCola License: MIT

JavaScript constraint based layout for high-quality graph visualization and exploration using D3.js and other web-based graphics libraries.

Graph with simple groups Graph with alignment constraints

Homepage with code and more examples

Note: While D3 adaptor supports both D3 v3 and D3 v4, WebCoLa's interface is styled like D3 v3. Follow the setup in our homepage for more details.



<!-- Minified version -->
<script src="http://marvl.infotech.monash.edu/webcola/cola.min.js"></script>
<!-- Full version -->
<script src="http://marvl.infotech.monash.edu/webcola/cola.js"></script>

The minified version can also be accessed from jsDelivr.


npm install webcola --save

You can also install it through npm by first adding it to package.json:

"dependencies": {
  "webcola": "latest"

Then by running npm install.


bower install webcola --save

If you use TypeScript, you can get complete TypeScript definitions by installing tsd 0.6 and running tsd link.


Linux/Mac/Windows Command Line:

  • install node.js
  • install grunt from the command line using npm (comes with node.js):

     npm install -g grunt-cli
  • from the WebCola directory:

     npm install
  • build, minify and test:


This creates the cola.js and cola.min.js files in the WebCola directory, generates index.js for npm, and runs tests.

Visual Studio:


Linux/Mac/Windows Command Line:

Install the Node.js http-server module:

npm install -g http-server

After installing http-server, we can serve out the example content in the WebCola directory.

http-server WebCola

The default configuration of http-server will serve the exampes on http://localhost:8080.



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