Matthew Coller

PhD Student

Monash University

  • scientific visualisation
  • temporal cartography and map animation
  • geographic information science / systems, and Digital Earth systems
  • full range of temporal sciences eg. history, archaeology, geology, etc.
  • natural hazard risk assessment and visualisation
Matthew Coller has worked in scientific visualisation and multimedia for two decades, and is now applying this experience to representing the world's past and future. His PhD project, Temporal Earth, aims to realise the full vision of "Digital Earth", as imagined in 1998 by Al Gore: a system that can show everything from French history to dinosaurs. After detailed research into the various academic disciplines that study the past, he has adapted much of this knowledge into KML-based content packages viewable on Google Earth. He is also building innovative visualisation prototypes demonstrating new capabilities for time-capable digital earth systems.

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