Dr Karsten Klein

Research Fellow

Monash University

  • Information Visualization and Visual Analytics,
    in particular for the life sciences
  • Graph Drawing
  • Algorithm Engineering, in particular for Graph Drawing methods
  • Graph Algorithms, (Clustered) Planarity Testing and Embedding

Karsten Klein joined the group in August 2014 as a research fellow to work on concepts and methods to create high quality diagrams for large and complex data sets.

From 2012 to 2014 he was a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Sydney, where he worked on the visualization of data from real world applications. A focus of his work was visual analytics approaches for data from the life sciences that help domain experts to visually analyze and understand their data, including biological networks, biomedical images, and chemical compounds.

Karsten received his PhD from the University of Dortmund, Germany, on the topic of "Interactive Graph Drawing with Constraints". He worked in the field of network visualization for over ten years, with a focus on the requirements stemming from user- and application-defined constraints.

He is one of the initiators and main developers for the Open Graph Drawing Framework OGDF, He initiated and administrates the Scaffold Hunter project, which supports drug development by providing a tool for the visual analysis of chemical compound databases.

Google Scholar profile: http://scholar.google.com.au/citations?user=bAwRSkYAAAAJ