The CELLmicrocosmos (Cm) project aims at the spatial analysis and visualisation of intracellular interactions. For this purpose, different software applications were developed. Biological pathways or other protein-/gene-related networks can be localized in the context of different three-dimensional cell models by using the Cm PathwayIntegration. For this purpose, content of different biomedical databases is queried. For the generation of molecular structures the Cm MembraneEditor is used, which is able to generate membrane and vesicular structures using PDB files. Originally developed at Bielefeld University, these tools will be extended and optimized in the context of the Immersive Analytics group by using advanced virtual reality techniques and bridging the gap between 2D and 3D representations. For this purpose, new stereoscopic technologies are explored and a comprehensive integration with network and data analysis tools, such as VANTED, is in development.

Website: CELLmicrocosmos

Screenshot of the CELLmicrocosmos tool