Dunnart 2.0 (alpha) nightly builds

This directory contains development builds of Dunnart.

Dunnart is under heavy development. These builds are not considered stable so they may crash or behave unreliably. They may also be missing features. If you discover any issues please report them on the Github Dunnart issues tracker.

Thank you and happy testing!

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[   ]dunnart-win.zip08-Dec-2013 12:36 24M64-bit, Built on Windows 7
[   ]dunnart-osx.tar.gz25-Jul-2014 01:51 12M64-bit, Built on Mac OX X 10.9.2 (Mavericks)
[   ]dunnart-linux.tar.gz27-Apr-2014 01:07 12M32-bit, Built on Debian Linux, glibc 2.13, libstdc++ 3.4