Date Time Duration Title Presenters Paper Type Session Chair
28-Jul-14 9:00 AM Graduate Symposium Graduate Symposium
9:00 AM 25 Diagrams in Patents: An exploratory introduction  Sylvan Rudduck workshop Stephanie Elzer Schwartz
9:25 AM 25 Drawing Euler Diagrams and Graphs in Combination  Mithileysh Sathiyanarayanan workshop
9:50 AM 25 A Theoretical Approach to Adaptive Visualization  Lydia Byrne workshop
10:15 AM 15 Coffee
10:30 AM 25 Work in Progress: Degree-of-Interest Based Visual Exploration of Heterogeneous Networks  Sanjay Kairam workshop
10:55 AM 25 Hunches and Sketches: rapid interactive exploration of large datasets through approximate visualisations  Advait Sarkar workshop
11:20 AM 25 Storyline Visualization: Aesthetics and Legibility from Observing Art  Yuzuru Tanahashi workshop
11:45 AM 15 Wrap up, general discussion 
12:00 PM 90 Lunch
1:30 PM 180 Euler Diagram Workshop Gem Stapleton
6:00 PM Welcome Reception
Tuesday 9:40 AM   Day 1 Diagrams Conference Start          
29-Jul-14 9:40 AM 15 Welcome address Tim Dwyer, Helen Purchase, Aidan Delaney
9:55 AM 20 Seeing Around Corners: Fast Orthogonal Connector Routing    Kim Marriott, Peter J. Stuckey, Michael Wybrow     short Layout Karsten Klein
10:15 AM 30 Coffee
10:45 AM 20 Octilinear Force-Directed Layout with Mental Map Preservation for Schematic Diagrams    Daniel Chivers, Peter Rodgers short
11:05 AM 20 Counting Crossings for Layered Hypergraphs    M. Sponemann, C. D. Schulze, U. Ruegg, R. von Hanxleden short
11:25 AM 30 Evolutionary Meta Layout of Graphs    Miro Spoonemann, Bjorn Duderstadt, Reinhard von Hanxleden     long
12:00 PM 90 Lunch
1:30 PM 20 Item Differential in Computer Based and Paper Based Versions of a High Stakes Tertiary Entrance Test: Diagrams and the Problem of Annotation      Brad Jackel   short Diagrams in Education Andrew Blake
1:50 PM 30 How Communicative Learning Situations Influence Students Use of Diagrams: Focusing on Spontaneous Diagram Construction and Protocols During Explanation    Yuri Uesaka, Emmanuel Manalo     long
3:00 PM 30 Break
3:30 PM 30 Logical investigation of reasoning with tables        Ryo Takemura, Atsushi Shimojima, Yasuhiro Katagiri long Logic and Diagrams I John Howse
4:00 PM 30 A framework for heterogeneous reasoning in formal and informal domains      Matej Urbas, Mateja Jamnik   long
4:30 PM 30 The second Venn diagrammatic system    Renata de Freitas, Petrucio Viana     long
5:00 PM Knock-off
6:30 PM Conference Dinner: Chinese History Museum
Wednesday 9:00 AM   Day 2 Start          
30-Jul-14 9:00 AM 30 Evaluating the Impact of Clutter in Euler Diagrams        Mohanad Alqadah, Gem Stapleton, John Howse, Peter Chapman long Empirical studies I Aiden Delaney
9:30 AM 30 The Impact of Shape on the Perception of Euler Diagrams        Andrew Blake, Gem Stapleton, Peter Rodgers, Liz Cheek, John Howse long
10:00 AM 20 Alternative strategies in processing 3D objects diagrams: Static, animated and interactive presentation of a mental rotation test in an eye movements cued retrospective study    Jean-Michel Boucheix, Madeline Chevret     short
10:20 AM 25 Coffee
10:45 AM 30 Visualizing Sets: An Empirical Comparison of Diagram Types       Peter Chapman, Gem Stapleton, Peter Rodgers, Luana Micallef, Andrew Blake  long
11:15 AM 20 An empirical study of diagrammatic inference process by recording the moving operation of diagrams        Yuri Sato, Yuichiro Wajima, Kazuhiro Ueda short
11:35 AM 20 Tennis Plots: Game, Set, and Match    Michael Burch, Daniel Weiskopf     short Tools Falk Schreiber
12:00 PM 90 Lunch
1:30 PM 75 What is a Good Diagram? (Revisited) Peter Eades Keynote Tim Dwyer
3:00 PM 30 Coffee
3:30 PM 30 The Relationship between Aristotelian and Hasse Diagrams    Lorenz Demey, Hans Smessaert     long Logic and Diagrams II Richard Cox
4:00 PM 30 The Barwise-Seligman Model of Representation Systems: A Philosophical Explication        Atsushi Shimojima, Dave Barker-Plummer long
4:30 PM 30 Logical and Geometrical Complementarities between Aristotelian Diagrams      Hans Smessaert, Lorenz Demey   long
5:00 PM Knock-off
5:30 PM NGV Aboriginal Art Tour
Thursday 9:00 AM   Day 3 Start          
31-Jul-14 9:00 AM 75 Seeing with Sound and Touch Kim Marriott, Cagatay Goncu Keynote Helen Purchase
10:15 AM 30 Coffee
10:45 AM 20 Towards A General Diagrammatic Literacy: An Approach to Thinking Critically About Diagrams       Brad Jackel  short Diagrams in Education II Luana Micallef
11:05 AM 30 Students' Spontaneous Use of Diagrams in Written Communication: Understanding Variations According to Purpose and Cognitive Cost Entailed    Emmanuel Manalo, Yuri Uesaka     long
11:35 AM 20 Argument Mapping for Mathematics in Proofscape       Steve Kieffer  short
12:00 PM 90 Lunch
1:30 PM 30 Recognising, knowing & naming: Can object picture processing models accommodate non-picture visuals?     Richard Cox    long Empirical studies II Michael Wybrow
2:00 PM 30 Exploring the Effects of Colouring Graph Diagrams on People of Various Backgrounds       Beryl Plimmer, Ann Morrison, Hendrik Knoche  long
2:30 PM 30 Neural Mechanisms of Global Reading      Takeshi Sugio   long
3:00 PM 30 Coffee
3:30 PM 30 Planning Session Gem Stapleton
4:00 PM Knock-off
Friday 9:00 AM   Day 4 Start          
1-Aug-14 9:00AM 180 Graph Visualization in Practice Workshop Karsten Klein Workshop Karsten Klein
12:30 PM 60 Lunch
1:30 PM 60 Tutorial: Semantic Properties of Diagrams and Their Cognitive Potentials Atsushi Shimojima Tutorial Michael Wybrow