Object Properties

place holder
  • : a class
  • : a subtree that is a chain
  • : multiple leaf classes
  • : a general subtree
  • : a set of sibling glyphs
  • Colour legend: colour intensity indicates the number of associations on that class
  • Green: identical classes with the click class (multiple inheritance)
  • Select one or multiple properties: click one or multiple object properties on the list to see the distribution of the classes having the selected properties
  • Select union operation for multiple properties: show the classes having any of the selected properties
  • Select intersection operation for multiple properties: show the classes having all the selected properties
  • Mouseover a class: show the class label and other information
  • Mouseover a glyph: show the miniature of the compressed structure
  • Click a class: select a class and highlight the classes having association with it
  • Double-click a glyph: collapse or expand it
  • Collapse to a hill glyph after expanding it: double-click the space above the double lines
  • Drag an association label: mouseover the label and drag the label after seeing the move cursor
  • Click the minimap: scroll the visualisation canvas to the clicked area if this area has been scrolled off the screen
  • Search class label: perform partial match, can use '' '' for full string match
  • Upload ontology: upload an OWL file and visualise it
  • Export visualisation: download the visualisation canvas as an SVG file
No. of Associations: